Why Wine Storage?


Proper storage of wine is important when considering correct aging. Wine can improve with age, but also has shown to rapidly deteriorate if it has inadequate conditions. The three most important conditions in storing wine are temperature, humidity and light.



The two most important factors in wine storage are temperature and temperature consistency. The ideal temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees. Repeated fluctuations of temperature can be injurious to wine. Warmer temperatures age wine too rapidly, while colder conditions slow the process. Having wine age rapidly can cause an excessive amount of fruitiness to be lost.  Wine stored in many homes or apartments can have considerable damage due to a fluctuation in day and night temperatures.



Some amount of humidity is required in order to keep wines with cork enclosures from drying out. The low humidity in the Santa Fe area can cause the cork of the wine bottle to dry out. With low humidity the top of the cork will dry out, shrink, crack and allow more air to come in contact with the wine. This can cause wine to spoil or oxidize. Proper humidity will keep the cork from drying out and keep the cork’s defense intact.



Direct sunlight (ultraviolet light) can have an adverse effect on wine and potentially cause faults.  The storage area should be protected from the damaging effects of sun light.



Why is Santa Fe Wine Storage the Right Choice?


  • The best place to store your wine because of the constant temperature and humidity control
  • Great place for the overflow of your current wine collection
  • Excellent place to store your wine if you have a second home
  • You don’t need to be at home to sign for your wine delivery, we do it for you
  • No need to spend thousands of dollars to install a wine cellar at your home
  • Superior place to store your private collection
  • Choose from a wide selection of storage lockers or walk-in vaults
  • Invitations to free wine tastings to sample special and hard to get wines


Contact Us Now For Wine Storage

Must be 21 years of age to rent wine storage

Hours of operation for Santa Fe Wine Storage

Monday 10 am – 5 pm
Tuesday 10 am – 5 pm
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Saturday 10 am – 2 pm
Sunday and Major Holidays Closed

For an appointment to see our wine storage please contact Dave Ligon at 505-780-8464.